Xinhaoli christmas ages

Xinhaoli Christmas ages

  as the digital camera based on the  USB cable power and data transfer, at that time there are some small USB gadgets come up in the  world, most are from Japan market, such as USB Christmas tree, USB warmer shoe, USB warmer glove, USB cup warmer, etc.  based on my friend Mr. Huang, who owned the xingshenghang factory which make the traditional Christmas items, we used their normal Christmas tree  and changed to USB powered (with 3xAA batteries power also) this item is our first USB Christmas items called BC301

usb christmas tree BC301

this item is made by natural grass and made by hand, so it was hight cost and lower speed.

in the following years, we have developed some clear Christmas mini tree with color changing led light inside, it also powered via USB port, just for office or home Christmas decoration, some items was below:

mini usb christmas tree

mini usb christmas tree

mini usb christmas tree
mini usb christmas tree

mini usb christmas snowman

mini usb christmas snowman
mini usb christmas snowman

for these items sell about 5years, the customers maybe tired, so need some new idea just like santa clause, wreath etc, about the Christmas tree some more beautiful item come out:

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