Xinhaoli story-2003 foundation

 Foundation in 2003.11

metal table lamp

        In 2003.11, four young men invested the "HaoLiLai electronic factory", they worked for an HK invested company who make the calculator, calendar, electronic toys, etc. they worked in the same office together and design the digital camera series include the graph, electronic design, mechanic drawing, etc. and sells better, maybe that time, the digital products just start, without so much competitor in the market. and only for the China market.

        after the Haolilai company was established, we start to design the first item "Birdy cam" digital camera and registered patent.

        come with the digital camera market growing up, there are a lot of small factories to make the digital camera especially in the BaoAn district. and sell to HuaQianBei electronic market. the selling price came down very quickly because the offer over than requirements.



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